Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Family Day!

Another beautiful Sunday on my day off so to the city we headed off! We wanted to try a new restaurant that was serving brunch so we headed off to Park Chow in the inner sunset. First of all the worst parking ever on a beautiful day like that day. We literally went around 9th ave, 8th ave, 7th ave, 6th ave, Irving St., and Lincoln Way consecutively for 30 minutes before we found a spot 3 blocks away. We had to rush to the restaurant in hopes of not losing our res. As much as parking sucked, the experience at Park Chow was pretty good. We were seated upstairs where its sort of an outside patio but with sunroof windows so you're not completely exposed to the City wind. It was so crowded, but luckily no wait. I had eggs benedict, thanks to appzoloot for introducing me to it, with house potatoes which came with ceasar salad on the side, and the lovey had ham and bacon scramble also with the yummy house potatoes and wheat toast. The prices were good. Our total came to around 20 bucks. We left full and happy.

Long Time No Blog!

Hey guys, its been a while! Since my last post was quite a while ago in the blogging world, I've been dying to share with you guys what I got for my birthday. Since I celebrated my birthday the week before my actual birthday, I couldn't share with you guys my presents since I didn't get them until my real birthday. Ironically, I spent my real birthday at the mall by myself for the first part of the day only because I had nothing to do and everyone was busy (hence celebrating on the weekend). For dinner I bought some crawdaddy to-go and took it to Mom and Dad's house for dinner with the family.
After seeing these shoes on sale at a couple of stores and them not having my size, I gave up on them. But when on my trip to get Wendy's birthday present I came across these shoes again...and in MY size!! Coincidentally, the middle sister texted my what I wanted for my birthday, and a light bulb clicked!
These Steve Maddens rock...literally! I love them, thanks seechell!
Thee Bongs came through and got me what no one, even myself, thought she would buy me...a CD deck for me cara! No more restarting of the CDs whenever I restart my car! I swear I have memorized every word to the first track of every one of my CDs! And I can finally listen to the radio, now I can be up on all the club songs! hehe
Mommy's so cute. Only she can buy me something I wouldn't ever think about buying, and it turning out so pretty. Can't wait to wear it for Kuya's graduation at Idaho.
My lovey got me these glasses. I fell in love with them as soon as I put them on. I love, love the white trimming along the top half of the frame. They add so much character to it I think. I figured not too many people have these shades and it made me feel like Mary Kate so I was sold.
Thanks Mom, thanks Dad for my new tires!!! I feel safe now, no longer in fear of my tire popping while doing 70 on the freeway because I messed up the tires from running over a curb. teheehee
Thanks sistah, such a smart investment for the whole household! No more dealing with the lady who hemmed our jeans and ripped you, charl, and smallz off from being with his offspring (yeah, we're bitter). This sewing machine is so cute and there's so many things I can do with it- now its just a matter of howww...My two boys, Rich and Hec, came through with what I've wanted for so long. "Got hookah?"
I also want to thank Ate V for my giftcard and Tita G for some mula. I really appreciate all my presents from all my loved ones. I love you all and most importantly, I lovvee the day of my birth! 'Til the next 11 months...