Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Family Day!

Another beautiful Sunday on my day off so to the city we headed off! We wanted to try a new restaurant that was serving brunch so we headed off to Park Chow in the inner sunset. First of all the worst parking ever on a beautiful day like that day. We literally went around 9th ave, 8th ave, 7th ave, 6th ave, Irving St., and Lincoln Way consecutively for 30 minutes before we found a spot 3 blocks away. We had to rush to the restaurant in hopes of not losing our res. As much as parking sucked, the experience at Park Chow was pretty good. We were seated upstairs where its sort of an outside patio but with sunroof windows so you're not completely exposed to the City wind. It was so crowded, but luckily no wait. I had eggs benedict, thanks to appzoloot for introducing me to it, with house potatoes which came with ceasar salad on the side, and the lovey had ham and bacon scramble also with the yummy house potatoes and wheat toast. The prices were good. Our total came to around 20 bucks. We left full and happy.

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