Thursday, March 5, 2009

Family Day!

Both the husband and I coincidentally had the same weekday off, which never happens, and we wanted to do something fun. These days, I call 'Family Day'. I heard from sis-n-law about the YSL Exhibit at the De Young Museum in San Francisco and we thought about checking it out. We anticipated for rain so we dressed warm and brought an umbrella but it ended up miraculously being beautiful and the sky clear and sunny. We thought the museum would be full of school kids running around but luckily the museum was very quite and some tourists scattered the place.

The exhibit is amazing. Although I thought the exhibit was quite small, it completely captured who Saint was, what inspired the inspirations he himself would later make, and what ultimately represented Haute Couture and his renowned brand YSL. Even though we weren't allowed to have cameras, the Hus snuck a couple shots with his iPhone before he got in trouble by the security TWICE! All for the sake of blogging baby! These were some of the favorites we were able to capture, there was actually a lot more but Paul Blart kept giving us the evil eye.

I love Saint's rendition of camaflouge in this piece. Its quite hard to see but the color and fabric was beautiful and fluid. The fox fur complimented the piece completely. Loved it.

This is my favorite jacket and one of Hus' favorite pieces was the one beside mine, the shawl with the fur surrounding the opening for the face. As cheesy as it sounds, it was breathtaking. The ostrich dress was beautiful. You don't how bad we both wanted to ignore the 'Please Do Not Touch' sign and feel EVERYTHING. It was amazing how each feather made the dress and I wanted to think that each feather was placed in a specific position for a reason. There were other pieces as well made out of rooster, which made me just put it on and fly off the roof. lol

The outside was too beautiful to waste so we exploited it with our faces...well, mostly mine.

We continued the day heading to our favorite, the Marc by Marc store, where Hus picked up his jeans that he had hemmed, and he also managed to come out with suspenders. Cute. We then went to Westfield where we checked out Nordstrom where I bought the oversized Ray Ban waferers. *Will post up pictures of them when I wear it out*. Don't know yet if I'll keep them though. I feel like they look like the $12 ones I bought from Urban Outfitters and that kinda throws me just sayin.

We ended the day @ our favorite CHEAP japanese restaurant in the city, Kitaro's. $24 for a two item bento box, two spider rolls, and a philadelphia roll...I love soft shell crab...LOVE LOVE IT and this is the only place where I can indulge myself in it without breaking my mastercard in half!

I'm new to this blogging thing so I'll be sure to capture more pictures depicting my adventures since I always want to share with you all what I ingested for the day. Until next time!

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