Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time Of My Life

Its that time of year again for one's digits of life to increase. What better way to celebrate getting older by drowning your sorrows away! Just kidding. This weekend, one of my bff's celebrated our birthdays together, like ww always do (since her birthday is one day before mine: March 24, March 25). We started the weekend off by heading out to my favorite pool hall, Thalassa Bar, in Berkeley. We wanted it to be a pretty low key night but with a little of partying still involved. Lots of people were able to make it and I felt so special!

Then on Saturday, we wanted to do it big and head out to the city. We went to Horizon Lounge on Broadway. I was a little skeptical, though, since Broadway is known to be ghetto and the night always seems to end up with a big fight (which did that night by the way, but not our group) but the lounge ended up looking pretty classy. I got all dolled up since its really the only time a can get all divaish without looking overdressed. Wendy looked sexy and so did everyone else. Considering the 115 name guestlist we had, about 3/4 of the people we invited showed up which was really nice to see. I've always wanted to see how it would be like if all the people in my life was under one roof (ie work, school, family, different groups of friends). As usual, on one's birthday, you are to be bought drinks by anyone. I wanted to make sure my hair stayed curly and my lashes on straight so instead of getting messy, sweaty, unsexy wasted, I opted for passing my straw to those in need of a refreshment. Don't get me wrong, I got pretty messed up but just enough to still enjoy my night, unlike one girl I know! Heheh...classic...

We ended the night by taking a trip to one of our late night restaurants, New Gold Medal. I was there for the hot and sour soup which I always end up craving after a long night of partying. Thanks so much guys, for those of you who were able to make it. I appreciate everyone taking the time to celebrate me coming out of my mother's vagina!
On Sunday, we headed to Wendy's house for a small BBQ her family was throwing for her. The events after a previous event are the best ones since we get to recap what happened the night before. And things that are happening at the moment aren't as funny as when its reiterated and reinterpreted the next day!

Turning 24 is a little bittersweet. I feel that in my life, at this age, I've accomplished so much yet so little in different aspects of my life. I love being married and I feel that I'm truly lucky to find my soul mate at this young age, as most people say. But as for my career, I'm at a stand still. By this point, I would have had a 'career' and not a 'job' and the fact that I am no where near to reaching my ultimate goal in being a nurse is also holding me back from starting my own family. I have this process, this step by step map as to how my life is supposed to turn out but at this point, life's giving my ass a wake-up call and tells me that there is never a perfect path in life and its full of obstacles which in turn makes up your life, its just what you decide to do with the obstacles and opportunities in it. And that my shpleal, happy birthday to me, hehe..